Replacements to cfcs essay

Replacements to cfcs essay, Eugine whint 7/12/2005 chemistry 5g chlorofluorocarbons (cfcs they are used as replacements for cfcs sign up to view the whole essay and download.

Internationalefforts to attempt to limit the production and release of cfcs began once the role of cfcs in ozone destruction was established in 1987 the united. Hcfcs were the first substances used as replacements for cfcs the carbon-hydrogen (c-h) bonds in hcfcs are susceptible to attack by reactive radicals and atoms in the troposphere, and are therefore decomposed there to a significant extent however, they still diffuse into the stratosphere and cause significant ozone destruction. The tools you need to write a quality essay essays related to cfcs and the ozone layer depletion hfcs are currently being used as replacements for cfcs.

Free essay: the most consumer-related of these products is the replacement for cfc-12, which is used in automobile air conditioning car manufacturers such. Cfcs: the substitutes cfcs: the other alternatives cfcs: they are considered to be acceptable replacements only for a while as a transitional plan.

Cfcs and their replacements cfc were considered better than ammonia, co2, water, propane or so2, which are some of the early refrigerants available they either had an unsuitable boiling point which increased the cost and size of the equipment dramatically, or were too inflammable for safe use.

Cfc (chlorofluorocarbons) essay - cfc the beginning of the cfc(chlorofluorocarbons) era started in 1928, when cfc' were invented by a du pont chemist cfc' were best known as freons and became famous as a safe, nonflammable refrigerant. Learning case study does this via the fascinating story of the industrial challenge to develop cfc (chlorofluorocarbon) replacements on papers and decide if cfcs.

Cfc substitutes: good for the ozone layer, bad for climate date: february 24, 2012 source: empa summary: the montreal protocol led to a global phase-out of most.

Replacements to cfcs essay
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